The Poster

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And seeing that front page inspired this question: Wouldn't it be amazing for Cub fans especially and baseball and sports fans generally to see how this historic World Championship story was told in the headlines of not just the Chicago Tribune, but that of every Major League Baseball city newspaper?

And thus began a quest to acquire every such newspaper. Not digital copies - no; the physical paper. That is a story unto itself, but once done, then the question became: how to depict this epic story, told in 30 slightly different ways, in one grand telling?

Renowned poster artist and baseball devotee Kit Hinrichs furnishes the answer in this memorable poster which weaves a lattice of headlines and ledes around prominent recognition of the 2016 World Champs and the 1908 champs as well.

Cub fans and sports aficionados will delight in reading and re-reading how sportswriters from coast to coast characterized the Cubs’ historic breakthrough win. They will savor seeing the same glorious, meaningful Game 7 story 108 years in the making, told in multiple, slightly different ways. enables fans to relish the Cubs championship, forever.

Howard Zack, Founder,