Our Backstory

When my friend and lifelong Cubs fan Dan, who lives in Northern California,  called to surprise me with news he’d been in Chicago for Game 7, I was elated for him. “Get Friday’s Tribune for posterity as a souvenir and it will be a keepsake for your grandkids” (that are still  decades away, in his case!).   “Great idea!” he said.  

An hour later he called, bummed: “Every newsstand has been picked clean. Nada”

“Give your hotel doorman $20 and you’ll be amazed how a couple Tribunes will turn up”

An hour later,  Daniel calls back elated: ”How’d you know?”

And when he came back home,  I saw that epic, timeless  Tribune front page, that is and will be one for the ages:

And as I looked at it I thought: wouldn't it be amazing for Cub fans especially and baseball fans generally to see how this historic World Championship story was told in the headlines of not just the Chicago Tribune, but that of every Major League Baseball city newspaper?

And thus began a quest to acquire  every such newspaper.  Not digital copies - no;  the physical paper. That is a story unto itself, but once done,  then the question became: how to depict this epic story, told in 30 slightly different ways, in one grand telling?

Renowned poster artist and baseball devotee Kit Hinrichs furnishes the answer in this memorable poster which weaves a lattice of headline and ledes around a clarion acknowledgement of just who the 2016 World Champs were….add the 1908 champs as well.

Cub fans will delight in reading and re-reading how sportswriters from coast to coast characterized their team’s historic breakthrough win.  Who doesn’t love hearing the same delicious story about them, 108 years in the making,  told in multiple, slightly  different ways?

Onceevery108years.com enables fans to savor this championship, forever.